How Do I Get Old Aerial Photos?

Written by James Samuels on is easy to use. You can search over 10m aerial photographs and preview online - in just a few seconds. 

How to Use the Site:

1. Visit


2. Search for UK Photos:

• Use the search bar to enter a postcode OR search by country and town name (below the Preview Aerial Photo button).

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2. Preview and Select:

  • Browse available photos and preview them for free.

  • Each Preview page shows:
    • town or village and country
    • the date range of the photograph eg 01/01/2023 to 31/12/2023 (ie the photograph was taken between these dates)
    • the price
    • the dates and resolutions available to view and buy
    • a sample of the resolution shown on screen 
    • "Add Photo to Basket"
    • Option to "Add Photo & Date Confirmation Letter to Basket"
    • Your location
    • Area Details including description, date confirmation letter, area (in Hectares), resolution, photo survey start and end dates, format, easting/northing and top level postcode
  • The resolution is shown in centimetres (eg 12.5cm) and indicates the pixel size ie 1 pixel represents 12.5cm on the ground.
    • Please note: a 12.5cm resolution photo has more detail than a 25cm photo.

  • Select the year of the photograph. This shows when the photograph was taken.

  • Preview the selected aerial photos to ensure they meet your requirements.



3. If you can't find what you want

If you can't find the photo or date you're looking for, choose "Need another date". Complete the form and submit.

This will send the details of the photo you are looking for to our partner Air Images who will try to source the photo for you. Air Images will be in touch if they need additional information.



4. Add to Basket

  • Check your photo is for the correct year and resolution
  • If required, add Photo and Date Confirmation Letter
  • Check the total amount of the order
  • You can pay securely by entering your credit / debit card details


5. Download:

  • Once payment has been received, you can download your aerial photo immediately
  • Choose the desired resolution and format (e.g., PNG).
  • If you purchased the date authenticated confirmation letter, it will be emailed to you directly.


For more information, visit