Got a property or planning dispute? Aerial photos can help.

Written by James Samuels on


Do you need help with a property or planning dispute?  

Maybe you need to check a boundary from many years ago? or looking to see if a piece of land was in use for the last 20 years? 

Whatever the case, an aerial photo of your property using UKAerialPhotos is easy and can help to prove your case in the event of a dispute. has over 10m photos of the entire UK dating back to 1945.

Many of the photos can be viewing in different resolutions - so you can see minute detail of your property - including boundaries, rights of way, hedges and buildings.  

You can also compare different dates - making it easier to see how the land use has changed over time. 

If you're unable to find the exact aerial photo you're looking for, you can request detailed images and our experts will do their best to source them for you. 

Check out the simple process below:



How to Search for Aerial Photos on UKAerialPhotos

Finding aerial photos of your house is simple with UKAerialPhotos. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Visit the UKAerialPhotos Website

Go to and navigate to the search section.


Step 2: Search by Postcode, County, or Town

Use the search bar to enter the postcode, county, or town where your house is located. This will help narrow down the selection of aerial photos to your specific area.

    •          Postcode: For the most precise search, enter your full postcode.

    •          County: If you prefer a broader search, enter the name of your county.

    •          Town: Alternatively, you can search by the name of your town.

> If you can't find the aerial photo you're looking for, click the link "Need a specific aerial photo?". You can then complete and submit the online form. We work with specialist partners who will review their databases and hopefully find the aerial photos you are looking for.

Step 3: Select the Year

Once you’ve found the general area, you can filter the photos by year. This is particularly useful if you’re looking for historical aerial photos of your house. Choose the year from the available options to see how your property looked during different periods.


Step 4: Choose the Resolution

Select the resolution of the aerial photo you want. Higher resolutions provide more detail, which can be beneficial for specific uses like resolving property disputes or creating large prints.


Step 5: Order Your Photo

After selecting the desired year and resolution, you can place your order directly on the website. Follow the checkout process to complete your purchase, and your aerial photo will be delivered to you.


Tips for Getting the Best Results

    •          Be Specific: When searching by postcode, county, or town, use the most specific information available to get the best results.

    •          Check Multiple Years: If you’re looking for historical changes, compare photos from different years.

    •          Choose High Resolution: For the best clarity and detail, opt for higher resolution images.